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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 21, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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okay okay. >> a safari guide calms an angry elephant to the group can get away but -- >> here she comes again! she's found them. >> why this time she's not quite as nice. >> okay, hey, hey, hey, hey! >> a snowmobile derby goes way off track. how one good wipeout leads to another. a thief staggers to the jewelry display when -- >> her pants fall. >> why that's not the biggest hurdle to crack in this case. >> looks like she already cracked it. >> and what if you used a mirrored window for stuff you do
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in the bathroom? >> it does look kind of odd. >> how jack vale gives unsuspecting customers give a view -- >> oh he focuses it. >> if you can't go on a safari today, what's the best next thing? >> going on one tomorrow. >> okay. this second next best thing videos from kruger national park in south africa. the kruger youtube channel, they've gotten into this they're doing live streaming. you'll see a live stream that reportedly thousands of people were watchin that went a >> okay okay. >> oh that's a big elephant. >> is that the guide right there? his solution is -- >> yeah. >> stop. >> okay crocodile dundee. >> listen to him, he does exactly that. >> you're an odd lady and i respect you. >> he's kind of whispering to the elephant.
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>> you can hear the elephant growling. >> he doesn't like being called old. >> yeah right. so they let the elephant be and decide to go on another path. the elephant is not happy about that either. >> okay. hey, hey, hey, hey! okay. hey, hey! hey! >> the elephant charges right at the vehicle and head butts. you can hear the metal creaking and cracking. >> hey, hey! >> screen goes black, and this is what happens right after. >> she's opened up the side of the vehicle, well more than a sardine can, more than a can opener. >> we get a shot of exactly what this elephant did to this ve >> there's one hole. and there's the other hole. >> oh! wow. >> the tusks just sliced pierced the side of the vehicle. >> you can see how she lifted the vehicle up and pushed it sideways.
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>> fortunately, no one was injured. >> i'm shaking. >> okay. hey, hey! >> millions of people across the country love nascar. the folks in wisconsin love their snowmobile racing. they get started quick. goes sideways. >> whoa. >> a heck of a crash there, right into the first turn. this is flat track oval racing part of the evil river world championship snowmobile derby. >> so cool. so low to the ground. >> you see how quickly they get going. watch the guy in the bright yellow. >> he lost it immediately. >> how did they not see the guy? bright yellow. >> looks like two guys get collected. guy on the yellow sled car dell pot, slides off, sled goes sliding into two other guys they go falling off as well. that's a pretty bad wreck and a tough break for cardell carter. however, this is a preliminary race. the next day cardell went on to
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the last chance qualifier race. did well in that. moved on to the main event. wound up winning the entire thing. >> wow. came back strong. >> you could tell that he recovers well back up on his feet. >> ready to go. can't keep him down. >> looks like fun to crash, because you slide across the ice. >> doesn't look like anybody was injured in the wreck. >> it's a religion in parts of wisconsin racing. >> i have two robbery videos here. this first one, this woman decided that she was going to rob this jewelry store. as soon as she walks in carrying a rock to break the display case her pants fall! as she's carrying this rock. >> looks like she already cracked it. wait never mind. >> she takes the time to pull her pants back up. what's in her crack? looks like something hidden. looks like she's stolen
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something. >> drops the rock on the case breaks it and ends up taking some jewelry from behind the case. looks like there's finally someone behind this glass here closes the little window. >> probably smashed stuff she was going to steal. >> she does manage to load her bag, though and then she drops something, picks it back up and then just makes an exit. nobody comes to fight this woman. >> would you? >> or try to stop her. >> would you approach someone that bananas. >> got away. >> they're like hey, could you pull your pants down? >> the other robbery captured in the uk you see two men walking into the jewelry store. one of them holding a sledgehammer. >> that's got to be terrifying for the clerks inside the store when people walk in with helmets on. >> take a sledgehammer to break through the door. once they're in they start breaking the cases with that same sledgehammer. did you see that? >> yeah. >> that is a bomb that the
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thieves set off to smoke the entire store, get away with what they're doing, not able to be seen on camera. >> sneaky. >> they got away with a lot. in fact thousands and thousands of dollars worth of watches, cartiers. police are looking for them. >> this is a dispute going on between the two couples. you can see lots of gesticulating. the younger couple the older couple at the bottom of the screen. guys in the silver car claiming the guys in the back car stole their park spot and everyone's irritated. eventually the argument seems to move away. the couple thrown here and there. the car moving away. this is most ridiculous part. as the lady walks past the small black car about to leave the parking space and open up one for them you think, cool.
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she's look shifty. keeps walking. look at her hand. >> did she just ruin the paint? >> absolutely did just key the car. the guy with the camera goes down to show us how much damage she's done. oh that's awful. >> the video getting a lot of attention just for the sheer audacity. >> that's a crummy thing to do. >> people baffled by the behavior. also baffled russian police from this video. we have a whole series of cctv on this one street as this guy walking down street with another person behaving strangely. >> don't tell me they're keying all of these cars too. >> what's going on, this guy slashing 30 cars' tires. no one knows why. the very first car has all four tires slashed. using something they believe was a scratch all, extremely very thin. it's causing a slow puncture. by the time the tires were flat he was long gone. look he keeps going and going. >> so much to comprehend.
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what satisfaction someone gets out of doing this. >> russian police are as baffled as we are. we'll see what happens. >> a strange scene what appears to be a drunk officer and a driver. >> the officer pulls his weaponen. and this guy's still coming at him. >> the driver does not back down. >> hearhe crazy td >> plus how a sea lion snuck its way into a community pool. >> the sea lion doesn't want to exit. hehersrshehey'y's s mimininiataturureses.. wewe p pouour r ''emem!! wewe p pasass s ''emem!! wewe p picick k ''emem!! dedeliliciciouous s fufun n fofor r evevereryoyonene. hehersrshehey'y's s mimininiataturureses a are mine, yours, our chocolate. [v[vetet] ] twtwo o yeyeararlyly p phyhysisicacalsls down. mamartrthaha
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to russia for our favorite source of dash cam videos. up ahead, a man on his back off his feet stumbling around in the snow. some reports suggest that this man may be drunk. gets to his feet rumbling and bumbling and stumbling down the road. if you look close, you may notice that man appears to be wearing a uniform, perhaps a
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police uniform. >> i've never seen anybody walk this poorly. >> driver to the dash cam gets out of the car, approaches the official perhaps an officer, but it doesn't go well. the officer appears to spit on the guy's shoes. the driver muscling him off the side of the road into the snow back. officer on his back that's. guy tries to get back into his car and continue. but the officer goes and heads him off. now right in the guy's face this gets even more combative. watch. >> oh! weapon drawn? >> the officer pulls his weapon. >> and this guy's still coming at him. >> driver does not back down. takes the guy out. >> wow! >> there's another dude. >> yep. driver gets help from his passenger. troutman i think suspicion. >> like watching some staged play or something that they're acting out in front of a dash cam, am i right? am i right. >> spot on. >> no way. >> what? >> this video got a lot of attention in russia.
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it's completely fake. the posters of this video created this to get more attention to their channel. it worked. what they may not have seen coming is reports say, the filmmaker of this was arrested a 25-year-old man, arrested because of this video. police not finding it too funny. >> remote controlled model aircraft enthusiasts having a good time. helicopter going around having a nice hoover and this small light aircraft comes past. so light, they call it the vapor. comes around over the top of the helicopter. it's pretty light. it's so light, it might get caught in the wash. >> just brutal. look at it. shredded. that thing's made out of just like mylar. >> a dragonfly flying into the road. >> that's why they're inside. light little aircraft. any little breeze you know they can't fly outside.
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>> maybe next time he should fly further away from the helicopter. >> part of me is looking at this wondering, were they just curious to see what happens if they flew too close? >> sound disappointed toward the end. the only damage to the helicopter he lost a wheel. this guy, as you can see, absolutely -- >> shredded chee. ♪ >> everybody's welcome at community pool. but everything isn't. by everything i mean this sea lion. this sid yo from new dezealand. that is a pool. people are trying to cool off. there's a sea lion and the sea lion doesn't want to exit. they've taken off part of the fencing to kind of gently guide the sea lion out. >> a pitching wedge and a 7 iron. >> field hockey. >> f >> they say that the sea lion went through two sets of automatic doors reception area and a cafe before it got to the
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pool. >> why would you want this thing to leave? >> right. >> you've gone to the cmunity lion there. >> yes, please. >> look at him. he's just swimming around in whatever the kids' pool or jacuzzi. he's made it through that many gates and reception, they should let the sea lion stay because it wants to be there. >> because he didn't pay, that's the problem, you know what i mean? >> adults stayed in the adult pool while this is going on until. >> going into the big pool? >> -- the sea lion did get into the bigger pool. rare species these new zealand sea lions are not afraid of humans. they made all of the humans evacuate the pool because they wanted to bore this thing. they realize there's no fun, just me and the pool. finally it eventually did go back the way it came through reception, through the cafe through the doors. but once it went out it wanted to get back in. they said that the door in the
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front of the place was covered with oils and just stuff from the sea lion because it messed up the window. >> perfect day at the pool too, for the sea lion. everybody else out, nobody in your lane you can have the whole pool to yourself. >> look at him, he's having a whale of a tim it's a new kind of car with a new kind of look. >> how would you like to test drive it? >> is there one. >> tell me there's one. >> hear what the car's all about and see it put to the test. >> whoo! >> plus an 11-year-old known for making a 12-foot golf putt. >> puts them in no matter what no matter where. >> hear his rap about to the tune of "fancy". ♪ whwhenen t thehe f flulu h hitits,s, it's's a a r reaealllly y bibig g dedealal.. ththe e acachehes.s. ththe e chchilillsls.. ththe e fefevever.r. anan e eveven n bibiggggerer d deaeal?l? evevererytythihingng y youou mimissss o outut on... fafamimilyly p pizizzaza n nigightht.. ththe e bibig g gagameme.. oror d datate e ninighght.t. whwhy y lolosese o outut t to o ththe e flfluu any lolongngerer t thahan n yoyou
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blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakakes and itch. selsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandrdruff. - - i i fifindnd w whihiteteniningng strips don't alwaysys r reaeach all the places stains hide. plplusus w whihitete h hasas a flexible mouth tray fofor r fufullll c covovereragage e whitening. shopping for a new car can be fun, especially now with the new technology coming out. take a look at the new car, the elio. what would you think if i told you up to 85 miles per dpalen. what? >> none the plug-in nonsense none battery stuff. drive up to a gas pump put in regular old gasp look at it unique looking car. >> aerodynamic. >> little. >> three wheels. you can see that. >> what? >> it will carry two, just fine in the snow as well driver in the front, passenger sits behind you. think about the commuting we do these days. it's just you.
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>> i would love to take this to work and have my jeep for other stuff. >> it's got three air bags roll cages, all safety. if you'd like to take it to work how would you like to test drive it? >> there one out there. >> tell me there's one here! >> we're going to go drive. >> you can get one of these, they're not available until 2016. but we'll drive one today. take a guess how much? >> 85,000. >> 6800 you can buy one. >> what? >> cheaper than a moto. ♪ >> that is hilarious. >> all right. >> check it out! >> i'm going to mexico. good-bye! >> peace.
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>> like driving a -- >> look out! ♪ >> i didn't wreck it. >> i like this thing. >> cool. what more do you need right? >> i'll take one in red and one in black. >> i can barely remember when i was 11 years old. not exactly traveling the world. not exactly being awesome like this guy. matty. ♪ what up what up it's your boy, md.♪ >> a rapper and musicideo to iggy azalea's "fancy" beat. it went -- >> ♪ you know me as your
3:52 pm
little boy matty i can be chatty every day, i'm going to golf ♪ ♪ home green mountain state stop drop make the 12-footer ♪ ♪ stop drop make the 12-footer♪ >> he's sickening into golf. 12-foot putt. puts them in no matter what no matter where. >> raps and does trick shots. >> there's more. they sent us this story, a chance to talk to him. >> it's a way to expose myself to the business. i want to be out there. so i just started making videos and what i did every day. >> he's on a plane. now in cape town ♪ 12-footer♪ >> he got too many cool things. >> wearing cool clothes. that's part of his clothing line. 18 under par. his own website as well. 18 under he's a entrepreneur golf playing, world traveling
3:53 pm
11-year-old youtube rapper. >> going to retire at 16? >> how do you get your own clothing line by the time you're 11? >> this video getting a lot of attention because of the whole fact that he's like a mogul. there's one more goal he's going for that he wants to shoot. 18 under par. working for for a long time. >> you do that at putt-putt. >> it's the same miss it's the same. youtube funny man jack vale pulls a prank in a window. >> oh. >> why his public display of reflections have people a bit freaked out. [ [ hihighgh-p-pititchcheded ] ] n naiaileled d it!
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>> what happens after bath time? ♪ ♪
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we all got ready this morning in the bathroom mirror brushed the teeth, combed our hair thought about how weird you look as you're doing all of those things in the mirror? how weird it would be if somebody's on the other side? >> not really it's just brushing your teeth. >> we all do it. >> you're going to think about it because of jack vale funny youtube man that has his own tv show. >> i thought it would be fun to use my reflection in public windows where people can see me from the other side getting ready in the morning. >> that's weird because to them is a total stranger acting super weird on the street. >> doesn't it make you start really thinking about what all of this stuff looks like. >> it's normal to us, but it does look kind of odd.
3:58 pm
>> nervey jack vale really is. >> he doesn't care. >> don't care. >> people don't turn away. >> yeah. >> funny looking, they can stop looking. >> eventually you see this guy in the bright green, bright yellow, he realizes there's a cam rap he's like, wait a minute. >> that's our show everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> so, wow little wayne has thrown down the gauntlet, he as far as he is concerned he is out of cash money. he is at war with birdman and he is not just saying it, he is singing it. >> he is attacking he released a mixed tape, 17 different tracks released it on the internet "sorry 4 the wait 2," a clear reference to the fact that cash money records and birdman won't


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